Fishery 2021/2022 Season

For all fishing enquires please contact Edd Arlott -Bailiff

07917 026921

No Dogs Permitted

All fish must be returned to the water as quickly as possible following capture.

All fish must be rested in slack water before release.

NO sacking or retaining of fish is permitted.

Keepnets are permitted for silver fish only.

The removal of fish from this venue will be viewed as a criminal act.

Anglers must have a suitable landing net and a padded unhooking mat .

Fishing is only allowed with rod and line. 1 hook only per line

Barbed or barbless hooks

NO leadcore, unleaded or fused (Safe zone) leaders allowed. Flourocarbon or Monofiliment shockleaders are permitted

NO stainless steel hooks or bent hook rigs may be used. No fixed lead rigs. All leads must pass freely over leader knots

NO baitboats or boats allowed

Minimum 10lb line  NO braided mainline

Smaller diameter lines are permitted for float fishing

The Old Mill accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to any possessions.

You undertake activities at this venue at your own risk